India Has the Potential to Dominate the International Gaming Industry

According to a recent survey published by Business Standards, 84 percent of technology professionals in India hold the belief that the nation’s online skill gaming sector possesses the capacity to emerge as a frontrunner on an international scale. A collaborative research conducted by the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and the E-Gaming Federation (EGF) yielded this as one of its principal findings. rummy gold download

A total of 4,644 professionals and engineering students were surveyed for the research. Five Indian states were represented among these participants: Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The participants were queried regarding their viewpoints and assessments of the Indian online gaming industry. Since then, a study titled “Unveiling the Potential and Scope of the Online Skill Gaming Industry: A Study with Technology Students and Professionals” has published the conclusive results.

The majority of respondents remained enthusiastic and optimistic regarding the expansion of the Indian online gaming industry, according to the study. According to Subhamoy Maitra, a professor at the ISI in Kolkata, the findings of this analysis reveal a significant conviction among the participants that the domestic gaming industry in India has the potential to stem the outward migration of skilled individuals in the technology sector by providing avenues for innovation and development that are based domestically. Knowledge-wise, technology professionals exhibit a notably intense fascination with skill-based gaming within the broader gaming domain. rummy modern download

The Survey Quantitatively
73% of the respondents indicated a significant desire to pursue a profession in the industry.
A total of one hundred percent of the Kerala respondents expressed a desire to acquire professional education in the field and hone their abilities; consequently, sixty-eight percent stated that this industry would assist them in doing so.
31% desired a career in programming.
A interest in learning more about AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and algorithm-related theories was expressed by 42% of respondents.
Contrary to the Brain Drain
A majority of the respondents surveyed underscored the criticality of industry development in India. Sixty percent of respondents indicated that they believed a strong local presence would prevent foreign companies from acquiring talented individuals and brain draining from India.

Everything Innovation
Innovation and technology are fundamental factors contributing to the continued appeal of the gaming industry to highly qualified engineers. Seventy-five percent of respondents stated unequivocally that they desired a profession in cutting-edge technological domains, including 5G, the metaverse, and other novel fields. Thousands of individuals gravitate towards the profession due to the ample opportunities for development and innovation it presents. Indeed, a significant proportion of the participants expressed a desire for the educational system to realign existing curricula with the requirements of the industry. They ultimately hold the belief that this sector will benefit both aspiring students and professionals alike. rummy nabob download

What Does the Future Hold for the Online Gaming Industry?
The government of India declared in 2023 that online gaming would be subject to a 28% GST. Scholars have observed that although this will have an effect on the industry as a whole, it also presents a chance to adjust, develop, and expand. This study provides evidence that both scholars and practitioners are optimistic regarding the future of the gaming sector, and that notwithstanding recent developments, this domain will persistently progress.

Ultimately, talent exists. The future holds promise. Furthermore, the device exists. Fantasy sports and online rummy are examples of online gaming applications that will presumably flourish in India as a consequence of this development.

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