Uber driver damages a neighbour’s car but it may take months to repair

An Uber Eats delivery driver who forgot to engage his brakes allegedly fled the scene after his car rolled down a hill and side-swiped another car. 

Alex Wilson left his Wyndham Vale home in Melbourne’s west on Monday morning to take his two-year-old daughter to daycare and found that the entire right side of his Toyota Yaris had been badly damaged. 

Mr Wilson went back inside to check his CCTV footage to discover a delivery driver chasing a car down the street but failing to stop it before it collided with his car.

The repair bill will cost Mr Wilson more than $3,000, and he can’t file an insurance claim buy drivers license online without exam the driver’s registration – which Uber has yet to provide. 

Radio host Neil Mitchell used his 3AW show on Wednesday morning to try and help in prompting a response out of the rideshare company. 

Alex Wilson woke up on Monday morning to see that his car had been badly damaged while parked on the road overnight 

In grainy footage, the Uber driver’s car can be seen rolling down the hill before eventually scraping the side of Mr Wilson’s car

Mr Wilson also filed a report with Victoria Police who have reached out to Uber, but they’ve told him a response might take around four months to come back. 

‘As the driver got out to deliver the food he hadn’t put the car brake on and we live at the bottom of a slight hill and the car’s just rolled from the drop-off address and side-swiped our car,’ Mr Wilson told 3AW.

‘The driver’s come running down and obviously hadn’t gotten to it in time. 

‘We’ve woken up the next day and just seen the entire driver’s side of the car completely scratched – damages all on the side of the car.’

Mr Wilson, who was supposed to be at work after dropping his daughter off, got the day off so that he could try and get more information on the driver.

His neighbour who had placed the order gave Mr Wilson the driver’s name, which has since been given to police, but were unable to get a licence plate number.    

‘Because the order was Sunday night and we got the details Monday, the order’s been finalised and closed off so the driver’s registration isn’t visible. 

‘Uber doesn’t really have a general enquiries line so I’ve spoken to a police officer, forwarded all the information that we have, including the CCTV, the photos of the driver and the driver’s name. 

‘They’ve said they have to put a request through to Uber and they’ve been told it can take up to four months to get back any evidence regarding the guy’s details – so they’ve basically stonewalled us.’ 

Police have also put through a traffic report regarding the incident. 

Mr Wilson checked his CCTV footage and an Uber driver was allegedly responsible for the damage, but Uber isn’t providing quick assistance in getting that driver’s registration

A spokesperson for Werribee Police have confirmed that an investigation is ingoing.

‘Police were told a delivery driver left a vehicle unattended and in neutral Mermaid Cres Wyndham Vale when it rolled and hit another parked car just before 10pm,’ the spokesperson said.

‘It is believed the parked car, a black Toyota Yaris, was damaged and the delivery driver fled the scene.’

The car is still drivable, but to be safe Mr Wilson said that he had to get it structurally assessed due to the damage which spans multiple panels. 

Without the driver’s registration, no more can be done to cover the damages or prosecute the driver who caused it.

Uber has confirmed that they aware of the situation and are looking into it.

‘Uber Eats takes this type of report seriously, we are currently looking into the incident,’ a spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia. 


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